The simple things produce big results

Happy November!! Today I wanted to share something that’s been on my mind and I’ve applied to my own life. I know it’ll help you too 🙃

You want results, right? Sometimes it seems we’re not moving forward. And if we are not moving forward, we’re moving backwards. I want you to check in with yourself this week and be REALLY honest. Have you been slacking?

I realized I was slacking in some of the basic things- hitting my step goal, snitching things off my food plan, and not drinking enough water.

So, my goals right now are to hit my step goal every day, tighten up my diet so I’m not taking bites of this here and there, and increase my water. I’ve done it every day this week so far and already do feel a bit leaner.

So many people don’t realize it’s these little things that determine the outcome. If you start moving more, drink more water, and actually follow a food plan AND training plan, you WILL get results. My clients who follow the plan are the ones who get results. If you are slacking, obviously, you won’t get results.

Focus on the little things. Start there and master those habits:

- sleep 7-8 hours a night

- workout at least 3x a week

- walk at least 10k steps a day

- drink at least 100 Oz water a day

- get a food plan that’s customized to you and your needs (inconsistent eating is one of the biggest reasons you don’t get results)

- follow a workout plan

Be consistent, be patient, and you will get there!

Whats your goal this month? Or are you not sure what to do? Message me so we can chat! I’d love to help you with a game plan to get the results you want!!

- coach J 💓

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