The 1%

I’m going to make this short today.

I wanted to give you something to think about this weekend.

What do you do when things get tough on your fitness journey? When obstacles get in the way, or you don’t see results as quick as you’d like, or any one of the other million things that happen in life and make it challenging to stick to your diet or workout plan?

Most people give up too soon. Very few actually finish.

Most people start out very motivated and strong, but not many push through to the finish line. Only about 1% do.

1% are successful in actually reaching most of their goals. As a bikini competitor, this is very real to me because only like 1% ever get on that stage.

But i am that 1% and I will keep pushing to reach my goal of going pro 👙👑 I’m going through a rough patch right now actually, but you’ll never see me give up.

YOU get to decide if you will push through or throw in the towel and quit. I work with a lot of clients, and over the years I have seen some in it for the long haul, but majority of people don’t stick with it. The only difference is that some decide to keep going, and others let life derail them. It gets too hard. They don’t want it bad enough.

Well, the choice is yours. That’s the honest truth bomb today.

Which will you choose??

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