Free yourself to have the life you want

I always knew in my heart that my struggle with food was a big roadblock in me having the life I wanted. To moving forward, leveling up, seeing growth in my business, my love life, and everything else. It was always this big mountain I felt like I kept trying to climb. Yet I kept feeling like I was hitting a wall, or struggling to take the next step up that mountain.

Eventually, all the work I had done with myself through personal development, and by working with other coaches, started to make a difference. Although honestly, I believe it was the many hours I sat with myself and my journal, dug deep, and did a lot of soul work. Those walls I kept hitting started to crumble. And then I found a coach who helped me more than anyone else, and I had my biggest breakthrough.

Now, I have competed in two shows, two different federations, done multiple photo shoots, and feel healthier and look better than I have at any moment in my life up to this point. I moved to Texas by myself, during a pandemic, and my business continues to grow. Sometimes I still battle with food and that fear of gaining or thinking I look "fluffy," but it's nothing like what I used to struggle. I don't even step on the scale anymore.

I want to help others because of my long time struggle with food and fear of gaining.

Depriving yourself of food is just like holding yourself back from everything you want in life.

When you start to fuel your body the right way, and take better care of yourself, every other area begins to improve too. Better people show up in your life, better opportunities, you become happier, you glow, etc.

It's not easy, it takes a lot of work, and a lot of time, but it's SO worth it. If you struggle with your relationship with food, please shoot me a message. Take that first step to freedom. YOU are worth it, and then you will be able to start living the life that was meant to be yours.

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