Creating a Mindset for Success


What does that mean for YOU? Success can be different for everyone. But most of the time, we feel successful when we are making progress or when we reach a goal.

We can only go as far as our mind believes. If we want to become more successful or reach a new level in our lives, we have to create the mindset that that higher level of living requires. So, today I'm going to give you just 5 key aspects of what that looks like. We'll just relate it to fitness to make it easy. Most successful athletes have these attributes.

  1. Know your WHY. This is the foundation to everything. WHY do you want to reach that goal in the first place? This is your driving factor. When you have a clear, concise understanding of why you want it in the first place, it is going to motivate you to get out of bed or do that workout when you really don't feel like it!

  2. Have a GROWTH mindset. This means you are open to learning and changing. You focus on the positives and where you want to go in life. Rather than think about everything you're losing by changing your lifestyle, you focus on everything you're gaining. Keeping your mind positive is key to making healthy lifestyle choices.

  3. Get ORGANIZED. Successful people live by a schedule. It doesn't mean sometimes we don't change it up, but most of the time, we have a morning and evening routine, know what time of day we're doing our workout, etc. Know which day you will get groceries, meal prep, have other appointments, etc. You cannot "wing it" if you want to be successful. If it's not in your schedule, it won't happen!

  4. VISUALIZE where you want to go. Actually SEE yourself reaching that goal. Before my first bikini competition, every morning I would sit and visualize myself on that stage. If you can't see yourself getting there, you probably won't ever get there.

  5. DETERMINATION. Successful people have the mentality that they will do WHATEVER it takes to reach their goals. It's not that successful people are more gifted; they just have more drive and do whatever it takes to get there. I did my first show in 2019; I had been wanting to compete since 2010. But I had to work through a LOT of battles to get to the stage. It was hard, it took time, but I never gave up, because I wanted it that bad. How bad do you want to reach your goals?

Ponder on these things this week. Do some journaling and be real honest with yourself on where you stand with each of these. Good news- you can always make a change :) You just have to decide to.

If you're interested in crushing some goals this year and creating the mindset you need to be successful, contact me about my coaching and personal training. We'll have a chat and see if we're a good fit. Have a fab week!! ~ Janae

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