Client Testimonial

- Mashaal, Online Client

"I approached Janae when I had literally tried all the "fad diets" out there after recently having delivered my son. I was feeling weak and unhealthy and the weight was not coming off. I found Janae's instagram and knew I had to contact her. On our very first phone call she was so intelligent, approachable, experienced, and kind. Aside from the weight my main priority was to get stronger. I was so weak after delivering my back to back kids I wanted to feel like I could run without passing out.Her plans were so simple and easy to follow. She introduced me to weight training and that completely transformed my body. In 4 months I lost 26 lbs and looked better than I have in years. The best part was the strength. I am able to be extremely active with my kids and have become a healthier, happier, and more energetic mother. My only regret: I wish I had met her sooner. She is very experienced and intelligent in health/fitness and knows how to create a plan customized to your personal needs/goals.  


Hi! My name is Janae, and I am a personal trainer, yoga instructor, fitness instructor, and online health and fitness coach. It is my passion to educate and mentor others to become healthy, fit, and more confident in themselves. I am going to help you become the BEST you. I struggled for many years with body image and food issues and an autoimmune disease. Through my struggles, I am going to help you succeed. Let's do this!! 

Janae Kellogg

Trainer, Coach

Anything is possible with enough drive, passion, dedication, hard work, patience, and, most importantly, self belief. 

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Client Testimonies



Janae is a fantastic coach! She provides all the support and guidance you need for your fitness journey! She is patient, kind, and always there when you need her! She provided me with all the information in needed along the way!



I would absolutely recommend Janae as a health coach. She helped me change my habits towards a healthier lifestyle. She is very understanding and encouraging. Her knowledge in fitness and nutrition has helped me tremendously! Thank you Janae for teaching me healthy habits! 



2 meals into your recommended diet and I love it!! I can literally feel the nutrients flying through my veins!! Tons of water too. Oh, you know your stuff ;) 


Real people. Real results. Natural methods.